The #IAm Project


Katrina Miller

#IAm Enough

Katrina is a proud alumna of Westwood High School, where she participated in several extracurricular activities such as orchestra, the math club, track & field, and basketball. In 2016, she graduated from Duke University with a bachelor of science in physics and a minor in mathematics. She is now a PhD candidate in the University of Chicago’s physics department where she conducts research on neutrino interactions in liquid argon. 

She is a passionate STEMinist who knows mentorship is key to surviving the world of academia, especially for underrepresented women of color. When not diving into her research, you can find her reading a book or traveling the world. 

Rosie Hernandez

#IAm Tenacious

Rosie is the first in her family to graduate from high school and college. She graduated from Westwood High School, where she was an International Baccalaureate Diploma program candidate. While at Westwood, she participated in student council, soccer, National Honors Society, and Model United Nations. Rosie is a proud alumna of Arizona State University where she graduated from Barrett, The Honors College and earned two bachelor of science degrees in biology and political science. 

She is extremely passionate about STEM education and advocates for access to education for underrepresented students through political activism. In her free time, she enjoys listening to podcasts, running, coding and volunteering with political and educational organizations. 

How we keep the lights on:

The #IAm Project is proud to say that 100% of your donations via our PayPal link are passed on to our scholarship recipients. Any PayPal fees accrued are covered by Rosie, Katrina or The Johnston Foundation. All marketing, t-shirts, or other supplies used to promote the #IAm Project are covered out of pocket by Rosie and Katrina. We share this, because we know the importance of transparency when it comes to donations. Please rest assured your money is being used to help women of color to succeed in STEM. Thank you for your generous support! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at or via our social media