The #IAm Project

Photo Campaign

Photo Campaign

As women of color we are often told what we are not. We are told we should stay quiet, not take up space, and are often discouraged from pursuing roles where women are underrepresented.

When it comes to STEM fields, women of color are radically underrepresented. In 2015, we made up 12% of the science & engineering workforce, compared to the 49% comprised solely of white men.*

Our photo campaign encourages all who support our mission to create an #IAm board demonstrating what they ARE. It’s important to recognize our potential and to self-assign our own affirmations.

We will use these images to build a collage on our website to inspire our future applicants and visitors. Additionally, all our scholarship applicants are asked to complete the phrase “I Am _________” to encourage them to believe in themselves - for us, one of the hardest lessons to learn.

* Source: National Science Foundation, page 13 (graph A)
Jessica, 2019 #IAm Scholarship Recipient

Looking for ways to support? Participate in our #IAm photo campaign this summer & we will feature you on our website!

  • Click the download button below and print out the #IAm board template
  • Write down your affirmation (think about what gives you the courage to achieve your dreams!)
  • Take a selfie or ask your friend to take your picture - then take one of them too!
  • Share your photo on Instagram or Twitter & encourage others to do the same. Be sure to tag us @iamstemproject & use the hashtag #IAmPhotoCampaign for a chance to win an #IAm sticker!

If you would like to submit a photo for our collage, but don’t have social media please email the photo directly to