The #IAm Project

Our Mission:

Empowering Women of Color to Succeed in STEM

Women of color are often told what we are not

The #IAm Project aims to celebrate everything that we are & all that we will be.


Our names are Rosalia Hernandez and Katrina Miller. We both graduated from Westwood High School in Mesa, Arizona and went on to earn bachelor of science degrees in STEM fields – Rosie in biology and Katrina in physics. For a long time, the only women of color in science we knew of were each other.


Why #IAm?

The #IAm Project is a response to the stark underrepresentation of women of color in STEM. While early exposure to STEM is important, establishing a healthy, sustainable environment is critical for the female scientists, techies, engineers, & mathematicians already here. With this in mind, we hope to pave the way for those following in our footsteps with the creation of this scholarship and mentoring network.


The #IAm Project asks applicants to complete the phrase “I Am ______” as an affirmation of who they are and all that they will be. We believe that self-empowerment is a skill necessary for women of color to thrive in spaces not originally intended for them.


Our Approach:

To Create a Space for Women of Color in STEM to Be Supported, Celebrated & Valued

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