The #IAm Project


Hengly Domingo Lopez

#IAm More Than Enough

Arizona State University, pursuing a B.S. in Applied Biological Sciences (Sustainable Horticulture)

Hengly is an incredibly intelligent, hardworking, and driven individual who exemplifies all the qualities we seek in an #IAm Scholar. Her passion for agriculture and using technology to create sustainable methods to grow crops is inspiring.

While in high school, Hengly engaged in challenging academic coursework & continously gave back to her community, all while overcoming personal adversity.

"It has become a must, to continue on with my education for all the women who worked hard and made me feel empowered throughout my life....I am more than enough to continue with this dream and finish what I started more than 12 years ago" - Hengly


Jessica Saenz Gomez

#IAm An Educated Latina

Brown University, pursuing a B.S. in Chemistry

Jessica is a young woman who displays all of the qualities we look for in an #IAm scholar: she is bright & driven in all she sets her mind to. Her passion for learning is contagious, and she possesses an inner strength that pulls others up to her level of performance, perseverance, & integrity.

She is passionate about dismantling gendered expectations & replacing them with equal opportunities for women of color like herself. In her own words, she is a product of the generations of powerful women that came before her.

"I am resilient despite the stereotypes that try to define me as quiet, low-achieving, and careless. I am beautiful despite the intimidation and anger my success might cause others. I am a product of the generations of powerful women that came before me. Soy poderosa, valiente, inteligente, y soy orgullosa de ser Latina.” - Jessica